Hello from Stacie Starr!

Hello Sweetheart, this is the real Stacie Starr!

First I want to say thank you for this honor in making a Blog Page about me. I think it is really cool and I appreciate your thought and effort that you have taken for me.
Second I wanted to clear up a few of your claimed “About Me” facts that are actually untrue and incorrect.

    I am all American. Born in Upstate NY. In 2007 I believe about my first 3 hardcore shoots were with Hot Wives and Girlfriends and I apparently had an accent that sounded Australian so the Producer wanted me to play on it. That’s kinda why it seems to follow me in many BIO’s.
    I was born November 22, 1971. I am actually 44 years old.
    I currently weigh 145lbs.
    I don’t know any of my measurements other than my tits and they are 36DD.

I just thought you might want to have the most accurate information on me if you were making an authentic page.
Here are a few additional Facts about Stacie Starr:

    I served in the United States Army.
    I have a 22 year old Son and YES he does know what I do for a living and is OK with it.
    I plan on returning to the Porn Industry sometime in August.
    I would love to shoot a Glory Hole.
    I am SINGLE!

Well that is all I have for now as I really have to go.
Thank you again.

Much love!

Stacie Starr

Obey Orders

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Obey Orders starring Stacie Starr

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