Obey Orders

Stacie Starr is interviewing Jmac for a job. Jmac gets caught staring at Stacie’s huge melons and hopes it doesn’t affect his chances of being hired. Jmac wasn’t told all that this job requires, but once Stacie tells him she needs to know his dick size, he knows he has it in the bag. Stacie says she has to see it and that an oral exam will follow. Jmac likes the sound of that a proceeds to lay his cock on her desk. Stacie then performs her oral exam in between tittie fucks. She decides to give him the full physical exam, pushes him on the couch, and rides Jmac’s pole. Stacie continues to rotate between tittie fucking and sucking cock, while having her pussy licked and pounded hard. She begs for and receives a pool of cum on her tits. This seems to seal the deal and Jmac gets the job.

Obey Orders starring Stacie Starr

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